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Discover new bespoke keepsakes of your pets at Ivy Lane in antrim, Flynnvets in belfast and Ballynahinch, or at the comfort of your own home. Contact us to arrange where is suitable. I came up with this unique idea because I love and cherish my poochies dearly, just like you. I have always wanted a unique keepsake of them, so I can have a part of them forever. I then created Special Paws making an ever lasting keepsake of their special paws. These bespoke keepsakes make great gifts for a loved one to remember their four-legged friend. Also they are a great way of recreating their paw. Your pets paw print is captured in the most unquie way. By using a pet safe mould which their paw is placed into, to form a 3d imprint of their special paw. Then make their paw imprint into a paw cast creation. Your personilised plaque is designed the way you want, or by choosing an already made design to keep their paw safe on

Why choose us?

Over the years, we have made it a point to provide beautiful, high-quality pieces consistently. As a veterinary nurse I pride my self to illistrate how much our pet mean to us. It is our objective to match each client perfectly with their bespoke keepsake of their pets. Every piece we make is tailor-made for your unique tastes. So visit us today and discover how to have your pets paw casting of their very own bespoke keepsake.


Price List

Paw Casting


Paw casting only. Ranging from £45-65

Paw casting with personalised stand


Personalised stand to lift and place paw casting. Ranging from £75-80

Small Furry Casting & Keepsake


Rabbit Casting & Keepsake


Cat/Dog <10kg Casting & Keepsake


Personalised keepsake 3 design options. Ranging from £75-95

Dog 10-20kg casting & keepsake


Personalised keepsake 3 design options. Ranging from £85-100

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Areas Covered

Antrim, belfast, lisburn, ballynahinch

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